Vintage Coffee Table with Iron Net, End Table with Iron Legs, Rectangle Table Brown & Black, Indoors

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Color: Vintage
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Color:Vintage Tabletop

Material: Angle iron+E1 particle board

Product Weight: 23.5lbs

Product Size: 41.8"L x 23.7"W x 17.7"H

other size:

1.Iron frame after painting specification: 2*2cm,wall thickness:1 mm.

2.Iron leg is a right Angle piece of iron, after painting specification: 3*3cm, wall thickness 2.2mm.

3.The iron net is a whole piece, the size is: 95*55cm, the grid is diamond shape, its long diagonal is 12mm, the short diagonal is 6.5mm.

4.The iron network is 7.5cm above the ground.

5.Products with four plastic adjustment pads.


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