Sable Hub Body Massage Gun | Athlete Muscle Massager Handheld Percussion Neck, Back and Leg Pain Athletes Pain Relief Therapy/Relaxation

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Color: Black
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High Quality and Light Material

Up to 5 Hours battery life

6 Head Replacements

30 Speeds


Brand:Sable Hub


Sable Hub Massage Gun - Athlete Muscle Massager Gun


Excellent Heat Dissipation Long Battery Life Accurate Percussion Effective massage Gift Carrying Case

The Sable Hub Massage Gun is your ultimate muscle therapy machine for sore muscle, muscle ache, relation and/or therapy for athletes, but also for anyone who works out or all men and women who suffer from muscle ache. The powerful percussion drum serves as a pulsating muscle relaxer that relaxes your muscles after a strenuous workout, a long walk or from your physical activities that cause muscle pain or cramps. It is also used by all athletes and those who work hard, runners, weightlifters, swimmers, boxers, tennis players and all of us who do any type of physical activity.

The Muscle massage gun is used by therapists, trainers, coaches and all those who take part in any kind of sports and need relaxation or therapy after an exercise. The Sable Hub Massage Gun is a full body instrument that can be used to massage your arms, your back, your buttocks, your legs or your feet and helps in blood flow through your veins by relaxing your muscles.

The Sable Hub Massage Gun is an improved version with a better motor that comes with 6 replacement heads based on the type of relaxation needed. Our Massage Gun can be used in indoors or outdoors, at the gym, at the office or at home. The assembly is made of the massage motor and all the heads in a custom bag. The gun, once charged, is a cordless machine that is convenient to use and can hold the charge up to a continuous 3.5 hours on a single charge.

Included in the package:

A case A charger 6 head pieces.


PERFECT DESIGN: The Sable Hub Massage Gun is made of High Quality Material and Portable Design. Our Massage Gun is Lightweight, Portable, and Cordless. Its Ergonomic Design is comfy enough to fit smaller hands, even with the 30-speedhigh-torque. Our Massage Gun has a very lownoise reduction floor.


MULTI USE OPTIONS: The Sable Hub Massage Gun allows you to have a good relaxation experience in the office, at the gymand while traveling. Our Massage Gun is used by therapists, trainers, coachesand all those who are part of any kind of sports and need relaxation or therapy after an exercise.

LONG BATTERY LIFE: The Sable Hub Cordless Handheld massage gun is equipped with 4 large capacity batteries, making it possible for a 5-hour working time once being fully charged. Our Massage Gun comes with 6 replacement heads.


PROFESSIONAL PERCUSSIVE MASSAGER: The Sable Hub Massage Gun through strong and powerful high-frequency vibration stimulation, effectively combs the muscles and fascia and wakes up the body's vitality.


OUR PROMISE: as usual, we are providing you with the best quality product. It is our promise to satisfy our buyers with the best tested items. Do not hesitate to as us any questions or send us your comments.

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