Pool Cover Reel, Aluminum Solar Cover Reel 18 ft, Inground Swimming Pool Cover Reel Set with Rubber Wheels and Sandbags

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Stylish and Durable: Our pool cover reel combines high-quality aluminum alloy construction with sturdy stainless steel feet, offering excellent corrosion-proof and long-term outdoor durability. We also provide nylon straps and threaded clips to enhance stability and safety during pool cover rolling.

Anti-Tip Design: To maximize stability, we include sandbags to add weight that effectively prevents the solar cover reel from tipping over in strong winds or while moving, ensuring your pool cover remains intact. Plus, our all-in-one shipping reduces the risk of missing parts.

Effortless Mobility: The pool cover roller is equipped with durable rubber wheels and sturdy metal hubs, allowing for smooth and effortless movement on various surfaces. Moreover, its one-handed rotating design saves you time and effort, enhancing overall convenience.

Simple Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, our solar cover roller requires no professional tools and ensures a quick setup even for beginners, saving you valuable time. Our goal is to provide a convenient and enjoyable experience from the moment you purchase it.

Versatile Fit: With a wide adjustment range from 3.55-5.66 m/11.64-18.56 ft, our solar pool cover reel perfectly fits for inground swimming pools of various sizes. Whether you have a standard or custom-sized pool, our reel eliminates sizing concerns and offers a hassle-free solution.




Sturdy and Durable 18ft Pool Cover Reel
Constructed from robust aluminum alloy construction, stainless steel legs, and metal hubs, our pool cover reel ensures durability and stability in outdoor environments, standing up to wind and weather.
Upgraded threaded clips and sturdy straps provide stronger fastening, preventing slipping and sliding.
Included sandbags, fillable with sand or stones, provide exceptional stability with a maximum load capacity of 40 kg/88.18 lb. This ensures the pool cover roller's steady, even in strong winds, offering all-weather protection for your pool cover.
The comfortable-grip rotating handle allows for effortless rolling and unrolling of your pool cover, even for children. Equipped with large 7.79-inch rubber wheels and robust metal hubs, it ensures easy mobility and excellent shock absorption.
The solar cover roller's wide adjustment range effortlessly accommodates different pool sizes, from small family pools to larger public ones, providing perfect coverage.

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