Outdoor Horn Speaker PA Power Waterproof Speakers Driver Alarm Siren Loud Indoor ABS 5 Core 100 SUH-400XT Ratings

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Engineered by the professionals, the Circular-shaped Gypsy Horn

(Please refer to descriptions down below for technical specifications)*

Powerful, rugged, lightweight 5 CORE Square Gypsy Horns are made in tough ABS Plastic to deliver clean, intelligible sound giving its users an excellent acoustical experience even in extreme climate conditions such as in hot deserts and ice cold mountains.

Heavy-duty Aluminum Clamp for easy installation at different places like walls, (indoor-outdoor) boats/ships, gardens, open grounds, schools, colleges, safety drills, ambulance, police cars, public addressing movements and many more. Fitted with 0.6m (2') 2-core sheathed speaker cable, secure through a water-tight, tug-proof cable gland.

25-35 WATT POWER RATING: Amplify your sound with clarity with this heavy duty PA speaker system. It produces powerful 15 watt sound which is enough to achieve your desired loudness. Good power handling capacity.

CLEAR & LOUD SOUND: This heavy duty PA speaker is a perfect tool if you want to make your voice or music louder; making it ideal for outdoor & indoor spaces. Low Carbon forged Iron T-yoke & Y-30 approved Ferrite Magnet.



Engineered by the professionals, the Circular-shaped Gypsy Horn UHC-150, Made of Fresh First Grade ABS Plastic, 5 Core® Gypsy Horns are molded in a way to withstand even extreme climatic conditions.


*High-quality horn speaker molded in Fresh First Grade ABS Plastic.
*100 Volts Operated
*Line Matching Transformer for power output adjustment.
*Heavy-duty Aluminum Clamp for easy installation at places.

Technical Specifications:

*Input Power - 25W RMS/35W Max.
*Freq. Resp. - 275-7000 Hz
*SPL (1W/1M) - 106 dB

Input Power

25W RMS/35W Max.

Freq. Resp.

240-10000 Hz

SPL (1W/1M)

108 dB

Power Taps

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