Log Skidding Tongs, 32 inch 2 Claw Log Lifting Tongs, Heavy Duty Rotating Steel Lumber Skidding Tongs, 1543 lbs/700 kg Loading Capacity, Log Lifting, Handling, Dragging & Carrying Tool

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Large Opening Size: With a 32.7" max opening and a 32" gripping size, our log skidding tongs are perfect for lifting and moving large logs. They can also be used for handling hay stacks, cables, stones, and other items. Get the heavy-duty lifting job done efficiently!

Sharp Claw Hooks: The log lifting tongs with a powerful eagle claw design is specifically used for securely gripping and holding logs during transport. As you pull, the hooks tighten their grip, providing you with a stronger and safer grasp.

Heavy-Duty Loading Weight: Made from thick #45 steel with a diameter of 28 mm, our log tongs can bear loads up to 1543 lbs. No need to worry about bending or breaking. The spray-painted surface provides rust-proofing and durability, even when used on rough terrain.

Rotating & Sturdy Suspension Ring: Equipped with a 360-degree seamlessly integrated rotating suspension ring, our timber claw hook offers flexibility and prevent chain entanglement. Experience reliable grip and stability, even during prolonged use.

Fit for Various Vehicles: The skidding tongs are ideal for use with tractors, off-road vehicles, ATVs, trucks, forklifts, and other vehicle types. Say goodbye to manual labor and enjoy effortless and efficient log transport with your vehicles.




Power your log handling with ease!
VEVOR's log tongs can be connected to trucks, tractors, and off-road vehicles to help you transport and lift various large logs. It replaces manual labor, making your transportation and lifting work more efficient and flexible.
Max opening size: 34.3 inch, gripping size: 32 inch. The log skidding tongs are perfect for efficiently lifting and transporting various large logs. You can also use it for handling hay stacks, cables, stones, and other items, making your heavy-lifting tasks more efficient.
The powerful eagle claw design is specifically engineered to securely grip and hold onto logs during transportation. As you pull, the claw tightens its grip, providing you with a stronger and safer hold.
The seamlessly integrated lifting ring is made of industrial-grade #45 steel, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. You can use it with peace of mind, knowing that the tongs won't bend or break under heavy loads.
The high-quality surface spray coating provides excellent rust resistance and wear resistance. Even when dragged on the ground, our log grapple remains intact. The vibrant spray color also makes it highly visible in the midst of trees.

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