Hardware Cloth, 48'' x 50' Galvanized Wire Mesh Roll, 19 Gauge Chicken Wire Fence Roll

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Built to Last: Crafted with professional welding, our hardware cloth features reliable welded joints that eliminate wire breakage. Heavy-duty galvanized steel wire with a double-layer ethylene coating and premium powder coating, ensures rust and corrosion resistance, significantly extending its lifespan.

Easy Installation: With a 19 gauge wire diameter and a size of 48in x 50ft, you have enough material to create wire mesh for various applications. We include gloves and strong pliers for convenient installation and trimming to your desired size.

Versatile Applications: Our chicken wire fence roll, is suitable for chicken coop enclosures, poultry pens, rabbit/cat/dog enclosures, backyard snake protection, garden beds, orchard tree protection, soil screens, balcony guards, drainage ditches, furniture decoration, craft projects.

Effective Protection: Featuring a 1/2" x 1/2" grid size, the wire fence roll provides secure protection for animals and plants. It is waterproof, rustproof, corrosion-resistant, tear-resistant, and has a smooth, attractive surface, maintaining its integrity even in saline environments.

Enhanced Packaging: We add an extra layer of paper and plastic film to the exterior of the welded wire fencing, and the packaging box is reinforced and thickened, ensuring your goods arrive in perfect condition.




Secure Your Space with VEVOR Welded Wire Fence
Our durable hardware cloth is perfect for creating outdoor fences, tree and plant garden bed protection, drainage channels, windows, safe enclosures for chicken coops and poultry cages, lawn fencing, and more!
This chicken wire fence roll is strong, and flexible. Use the included gloves and strong pliers for trimming and installation. It supports customization to fit various applications.
With sturdy mesh and outstanding performance, it's suitable for chicken coop enclosures, other poultry enclosures, snake protection, garden protection boards, soil screens, balcony guards, furniture decoration, and crafting.
Crafted with heavy-duty galvanized steel wire and a high-quality double-layer ethylene coating, the wire mesh roll is corrosion-resistant and colorfast, even under harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting durability.
We offer professional packaging and protective measures to ensure your product arrives safely and intact.

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