5 Core Popcorn Machine Nostalgia 300 Watts Movie Night Hot Air Popcorn Maker Portale Pop Corner Machine - POP 850

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About Popcorn Air Popper Machine

  1. Effortless snacking: Measuring your popcorn kernels is a breeze, and adding them to a high-capacity heating chamber is a snap. Simply press the start button and enjoy hot and fresh popcorn in just a few minutes. The 5 Core popcorn machine is easy to use and can be used even by kids.

  2. High-quality popcorn kettle: The kettle of the popcorn maker is made of non-stick stainless steel, making it easy to use and clean. The cover can be attached to the top of the machine for convenient filling and emptying.

  3. Compact design: The popcorn machine lets you experience movie theater-style popcorn at home without sacrificing space. This compact popcorn maker machine can be easily placed on countertops.

  4. Nostalgic experience: Besides being compact, the popcorn machine is a nostalgic replica of the street corner popcorn stands from the early 1900s. It brings the charm of the past to your tabletop and is a crowd-pleaser for any party.

  5. Includes: This popcorn maker machine comes with all the necessary accessories, including a stainless steel kettle, measuring spoon and cup, and a popcorn tray.
Popcorn machine, pop corn maker, popcorn maker machine, commercial, movie theatre

Popcorn Air Popper Machine Description

Popcorn machine, pop corn maker, popcorn maker machine, commercial, movie theatre


Question: Is it true that it is popcorn machine movie theater style?

Answer: Yes, you can prepare a movie theatre like popcorn at home.

Question: How many wattages?

Answer: The Popcorn Air Popper Machine has 300 Watts.

Question: Does it come with a manual?

Answer: Yes, you will get a user manual so you can learn to operate the popcorn maker machine.

Question: How much weight does it have?

Answer: It weighs 9.9 LBS.

Question: What is the dimension?

Answer: The popcorn machines’ dimension is 13×12.2 x 20.1 inch.

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