Chicken Coop, 9.8x6.5x6.5ft Walk-in Large Metal Chicken Run for Yard with Waterproof Cover

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Weatherproof & Corrosion-proof: Crafted from galvanized steel pipes, and rigorously tested against salt spray, this large chicken coop withstands harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, and sun exposure, ensuring long-term stability and safety.

Sturdy Structure: With 1" thick galvanized steel pipes and precise welding, this chicken coops for 6 chickens boasts stability and wind resistance. The top cover facilitates effective drainage, preventing water accumulation. Reinforced with hexagonal protective mesh, it provides a safer space for the poultry.

Spacious Living Area: This chicken coop with run with a generous 3x1.97x1.99 m/9.88x6.46x6.53 ft space, features four-sided ventilation, creating a healthy and comfortable environment. The PE-coated canopy provides sun protection, waterproofing, and tear resistance, shielding your poultry from external elements.

Easy Installation: With easy-to-use accessories, installation is a breeze. You can reinforce the walk in chicken coop by adding wood or stones to the bottom. For added protection against wildlife like raccoons, we recommend adding a galvanized wire fence.

Versatile Application: The metal chicken run is not only suitable for chickens but also for ducks, quails, rabbits, and other poultry. It meets your needs, providing a safe and comfortable living space for the poultry.




Secure Shelter for the Poultry
Our metal chicken coop is made of galvanized steel pipes, tested against salt spray to prevent rusting. It provides a safe and cozy high-quality home for your chickens, no matter rain or shine.
With 1" thick steel pipes and hexagonal protective mesh, this walk in chicken run offers robust support and protection, ensuring the poultry can roam freely in a secure environment.
VEVOR large chicken run is designed with four-sided ventilation to reduce bacterial growth and odors. Remember to clear snow buildup in winter for a fresh and healthy living space for your poultry.
Featuring spacious doors, the metal chicken run allows easy access without bending down. The secure lock design prevents poultry from escaping, making your farming chores hassle-free.
The chicken pen accommodates various poultry species in one space, saving costs and space while increasing farming diversity and flexibility.

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