Chainsaw Mill and Rail Mill Guide System, Portable Sawmill 14"-36" Guide Bar, 9ft Aluminum Saw Milling Rail Guide

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Designed for High Stability: VEVOR 14"-36" chainsaw mill and 9 ft rail mill guide boast a robust and durable framework, both are secured by the connection of anti-loosening nuts and large washers. Ensure your electric chainsaw glides smoothly and steadily. Perfect for cutting wood lumber with precision and ease.

Precise and Stable Cutting: The air gun-carved scales for highly accurate measurements, while the chainsaw positioning holes ensure stable and non-shaking cutting, guaranteeing precise and clear-cutting of the required wood thickness. Achieve professional-level precision and clarity in your woodworking.

Industrial-grade Construction: This chainsaw planking mill is crafted with galvanized steel pipes, for exceptional rust resistance and long-lasting durability. While the chainsaw guide rail is made of high-quality aluminum and iron materials, highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Its lightweight and portable design allows you to start your woodworking anywhere.

Adjustable Rail Mill Guide: 4 fixed plates on the guide rail can be adjusted according to different sizes of wood, helping you to easily and quickly adjust the guide rail to fix the logs and create a perfect horizontal cut along the logs.

Widely Applicable: The wood lumber cutting saw mill and rail mill guide set is compatible with various chainsaws. You can cut cedar, walnut, oak, and other trees into high-quality lumber with ease. Whether you're at home or in the woods, using our rail mill guide together with your chainsaw to quickly convert rough logs into beautiful slabs.




Elevate Your Woodworking to New Heights !
VEVOR chainsaw kit includes a 14-36inch chainsaw mill and 9ft chainsaw guide rail, suitable for a variety of wood cutting needs. Both are equipped with anti-loose nuts and large washers to ensure stability during the cutting process. An essential tool for improving outdoor wood cutting efficiency.
Anti-loose nuts and large washers create a more stable overall structure, and prevent any potential issues with cutting failure caused by loose nuts. Reinforced with 4 additional cross beams on both sides to enhance the overall structure.
Galvanized steel chainsaw milling attachment and robust aluminum, iron rail mill guide can prevent rust and corrosion, but also enhance durability and aesthetic appeal. Withstand long-term outdoor usage without any problems !
Air gun-carved scales ensure highly precise and clear measurements. In addition, the chainsaw positioning holes prevent shaking during cutting for stable and accurate cutting thickness.
With the ability to adjust the 4 fixed plates based on varying wood sizes, you can easily adjust the guide rails to securely hold the lumber in position without any delay.

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