5 Core Speaker Wall Ceiling Mount Stand 2 Pieces Black Sturdy Speaker Mounting Bracket w/ Adjustable Swivel Tilt, Retractable Telescopic Arm for Surround Sound System Bookshelf Satellite Speakers 75 lbs Capacity -WST 01 Pair

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About Speaker Wall Mount

  1. Speaker Mount Fits Perfectly compatible with virtually any standard speakers available on the market.

  2. Universal Soundbar Mounting is designed to be mounted on any flat surface with angle/tilt adjustments.

  3. Heavy Duty Reinforced Bookshelf Speaker Mount solid formed steel construction in black finish.

  4. Angle Adjustable Sound Bar mounting features swivel angle adjustment to set the angle accordingly.

  5. Secure Locking Screws support speakers weighing up to 75 lbs best stability & safe operation.

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    Speaker Wall Mount Description

    Elevate your audience experience with our ceiling speaker mount - a seamless fit for any standard speaker, offering compatibility like never before. Our universal soundbar mounting takes versatility to the next level, designed for easy installation on any flat surface with customizable angle and tilt adjustments, ensuring the perfect audio projection. 

    Made from heavy-duty reinforced steel in a sleek black finish, our bookshelf speaker mount ensures durability and aesthetic appeal. The angle-adjustable PA speaker wall mount adds finesse to your setup, featuring swivel angle adjustment for optimal positioning. With secure locking screws, support speakers up to 75 lbs for unparalleled stability and safe operation.


    Adjustable Arm Length

    Adjustable Angle

    Safe Locking

    Easy to install

    These stands fit all speakers, heavy or light, with adjustable brackets for wall or ceiling mounting.

    The speaker stand bracket has a swivel angle adjustment 180° for optimal sound projection.

    Securing your speakers with locking screws weighing up to 75 lbs won't affect your stereo performance.

    Securely mount the speaker on a solid surface (brick, wood, or metal studs) on the wall/ceiling, not on drywall.


    Product Specification

    • Product name: speaker wall mount
    • Product material: metal
    • Applications: Universal Pair
    • Weight Capacity: 75lbs
    • Swivel Angle Adjustment: 180 degrees

    Package Included

    • 2 x Speaker Wall Mount

    speaker wall mount, ceiling speaker mount, speaker wall mount brackets, speakers mounts
    speaker wall mount, ceiling speaker mount, speaker wall mount brackets, speakers mounts

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