HDMI Cable Black18Gbps High-Speed, 4K@60H 6 Foot Cable HDR, eARC, UHDTV, AMD

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About HDMI Cord

  1. High Speed 4K HDR HDMI: The 5 Core HDMI cord offers high-speed 4K HDR capability, supporting HDMI 2.0 with a 60Hz Refresh rate and 18Gbps high bandwidth. It also supports mirror and extended mode, ultra-HD 4K 2160p, HD 2K 1080p, QHD 1440p, 48 bit/px HDR color depth, Audio Return (ARC), 3D, Ethernet, TrueHD, and hot plugging.

  2. Heightened Viewing Experience: Experience heightened viewing pleasure with this HDMI cable that supports HDMI 2.0 standards while also being backward compatible with earlier HDMI standards. Enjoy superior video quality and accurate sound with no lag.

  3. Unmatched Quality: The long HDMI cord boasts unmatched quality with 26 AWG copper wire and triple shielding. Its gold-plated full-metal jacket connectors resist corrosion while maximizing stable signal strength. It is highly durable and can withstand over 3000+ bend lifespans.

  4. Reinforced high-quality materials: The 4K HDMI to HDMI cable has been upgraded with a new smart chip, making it reach unprecedented heights. The aluminum alloy shell's strength and tail's anti-bending design have been improved to make it more durable.

  5. In the box: 1x 6-foot HDMI cable that can transmit video and audio signals from a source to a display. It has a capacity of 4K and can transmit at a speed of 18Gbps.


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    HDMI Cord Description

    Experience the ultimate in high-speed, high-quality video and sound with our 4K HDR HDMI cord. With support for HDMI 2.0 and 600 MHz Refresh Rate, this HDMI cable offers 18Gbps high bandwidth, Mirror & Extended mode, Ultra HD 4K 2160p, HD 2K 1080p, QHD 1440p, 48 bit/px HDR color depth, and more.

    The 5 Core HDMI cable provides unparalleled video quality and crisp, accurate sound with no lag. Its 26 AWG copper wire and multiple shielding ensure unmatched quality, while the gold-plated full metal jacket connectors resist corrosion and maximize signal strength. Upgrade your home entertainment experience today!

    At 5 Core, Customer satisfaction is our priority—a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984.

    HDMI Cord Features


    High Performance

    4K Video & More

    Fast Connectivity

    Connect a range of devices to your HDTV, projector, or monitor with ease, thanks to the HDMI cord's compatibility with computing, home entertainment, gaming, and more.

    Experience high-performance HDMI cable that features 26AWG copper conductors, triple-shielding, and gold-plated full metal jacket conductor. These features ensure that the cable delivers exceptional performance.

    The 5 Core 4k HDMI cable is the perfect choice for those who desire an immersive virtual experience. It displays 4K video at 60Hz with 48-bit deep color and supports bandwidth up to 18Gbps.

    Our long HDMI cable offers fast connectivity and excellent playback. With its dynamic features, you can enjoy high-speed connectivity that provides seamless streaming and gaming experience.


    Technical Specification:

    • Color: Black
    • Length: 6 feet
    • Type: Male to Male HDMI
    • Connector: Gold plated
    • Support: HDMI 2.0
    • Ultra HD 4K: Yes
    • Video: 4K at 60 hertz

    Package information:

    • 1x HDMI cord

    HDMI Cord


    Question: Does the HDMI cord support Ethernet?

    Answer: Yes, this HDMI cable support Ethernet.

    Question: What is the length of the HDMI cable?

    Answer: The HDMI cable is 6 feet long.

    Question: Is the HDMI cable compatible with a gaming console?

    Answer: Yes, the HDMI cable is compatible with a wide range of devices, including gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, for high-quality audio and video.

    Question: Can the HDMI cable be used to connect a smartphone to a TV?

    Answer: Yes, the HDMI cable can be used to connect a tablet or smartphone to a TV or monitor to enjoy mobile games, videos, and other content on a larger screen.

    Question: What is the maximum resolution supported by the HDMI cable?

    Answer: The 5 Core HDMI cable supports video resolution up to 4K at 60 hertz, providing an immersive viewing experience.

    Are you looking for a different HDMI Cord? We have got your back! We have numerous HDMI cables of different lengths. Visit our Cable & Connectors page and pick one that suits you the best.


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