5 Core Gaming Mouse Pad 3x3 Desk Mouse Mat w Rubber Base Mousepad Pair

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About Computer Mouse Mat

  1. SMOOTH SURFACE AND EASY TO ROLL: Made of a soft fiber woven material with a smooth surface and thick edges. The performance-tuned 75D micro woven fabric surface of the Computer Mouse Mat provides maximum accuracy and consistency for gaming mice by providing optimal sensor imagery that translates mouse movement into precise cursor movement even at high speeds, providing a satisfying experience while working or gaming. Dimensions - 300*250*3mm.

  2. NON-SLIP RUBBER BASE: The mouse pad base is made of soft, non-slip rubber that firmly grips the desktop, effectively preventing the mouse and keyboard from sliding and moving, and does not add to the mess on your desk. The rubber base is safe for human health and does not emit any unpleasant odors.

  3. WATER RESISTANT AND EASY TO CLEAN: The surface is made of high-density waterproof coating fabric, Mercerized materials + Natural Rubber Base. If you spill water or food on it, wipe it with a damp cloth; this mouse pad is easy to clean with water without fading; after cleaning, simply place it in a ventilated area and wait for it to dry.

  4. DELICATE STITCHED EDGES FOR DURABILITY: Double stitched edges protect the mouse mat from fraying, Peeling, and degumming and ensure that it will not tear with repeated use. It also improves the mouse mat's appearance and lifespan. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us; we are always happy to help.

  5. ELEGANT LOOK AND PERFECT DESIGN: We are concerned with both quality and appearance. Our designer's handpicked pattern of the computer mouse mat enhances the mousepad's beauty and appeal. It is an excellent choice for a holiday gift for family and friends. Choose us, and let our mouse pad make your life more colorful

Computer Mouse Mat Description

Introducing the ultimate PC accessory that promises to take your computing experience to the next level. 5 Core Computer Mouse Mat features a smooth surface and thick edges made of soft fiber woven material that guarantees maximum accuracy and consistency for gaming mice. With a performance-tuned 75D micro woven fabric surface, it provides optimal sensor imagery and precise cursor movement, even at high speeds, giving you a satisfying experience while working or gaming.

The non-slip rubber base firmly grips the desktop, preventing the mouse from sliding and moving. Its waterproof coating fabric makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth, and the double-stitched edges ensure its durability. It comes in an elegant design, making it a perfect holiday gift for family and friends.

At 5 Core, Customer satisfaction is our priority—a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984.


Computer Mouse Mat

Computer Mouse Mat Features

For Gamers & More

Reliable Results

Smooth Mouse Pad

Durable & Washable

Whether you're a video gamer or designer or simply spend long hours at the PC, this mouse pad is the perfect companion.

The black mouse pad offers smooth functionality and delivers consistent performance every time.

The desk mouse pad promotes smooth and accurate cursor movement, while the non-slip rubber base keeps the mouse in place.

The rubberized base and fabric surface can withstand the rigors of regular use. It can be cleaned with a wet cloth.


Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 300 * 250 * 3 mm
  • Material: Mercerized materials + Natural Rubber Base

Package includes:

  • 2x Computer Mouse Mat


People who want a mouse pad that is easy to clean and maintain.

Gaming enthusiasts are looking for enhanced precision & accuracy.

Anyone is looking for a durable, long-lasting mouse pad that can be used regularly.

Graphic designers and animators need a smooth surface for precise mouse movements.

Professionals or students spending long hours at the PC who need a comfortable & reliable mouse pad.

Benefits of Computer Mouse Mat

Easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use.

It can improve reaction time during gameplay or design work.

It helps prevent wrist fatigue and strain by providing a comfortable surface.

Mousepad enhances precision and accuracy during gameplay or design work.

The mouse pad provides a smooth and consistent surface for accurate mouse movement.


Computer Mouse Mat

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