5Core Outdoor Wall Speakers 2Pc 2 Way 80W Max Power Heavy Duty Waterproof 6.5" Wall Mount Speakers

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About Item 

  1. Indoors Outdoor Speakers will deliver extraordinary sound and have a maximum output power of 80W. 
  1. Projector Speakers Engineered for great sound thanks to premium speaker running at 8 Ohm & Frequency Response of 90Hz-16kHz.
  2. Modern and Elegant wired speakers protrude minimally from the wall. The woofer speaker can be painted to match the wall color.
  3. All-weather outdoor speaker with resistant coating protects the projector speakers from the elements for long-term use.
  4. PA Speaker Box designed for best performance use as TV speakers, home theater, patio speakers, and background music.

Wall Mount Outdoor Speaker Description

5 Core outdoor PA speakers, the perfect sound solution for any space. The bookshelf speakers deliver powerful sound with 80W Max power. The speaker system offers powerful bass, creating a full-range sound. 

You can easily install the speaker box and enjoy music. The outdoor entertainment sound system is made for play in every season. Install the wall mount speakers and experience great sound like never before.

PA Speaker Features

Weather Resistant

High-Quality Audio

Dynamic Balance

Universal Mounting

The outdoor speaker for covered porch, patio, lanai, or gazebo. The speaker system withstands rain and heat.

Specially designed for high-quality audio, the wall mount speakers are built to maximize your listening experience.

High-performance wired speakers deliver deeper bass with minimal distortions, even at high volume.

The wall speakers are placed in a heavy-duty grill cabinet enclosure. The speaker box can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Wired Speaker Specifications: 

  • Power – 80W
  • Size- 6.5 Inch
  • SPL at 1 kHz - 90dB
  • Impedance – 8 Ohm
  • Frequency Response - 90Hz-16KHz
  • Wall mount speakers Color- White

Package includes:

  • 2x Wall speaker

About Brand 

5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USAReliable and trusted reputation, offering 600+ products since 1984. Tested and Certified Products ensuring highest quality and reliability. Worldwide 2.2 Million+ satisfied customers with 4.6 average ratings.

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