5 Core Speakers Stands 1 Piece White Height Adjustable Tripod PA Monitor Holder for Large Speakers DJ Stand Para Bocinas - SS ECO 1PK WH WoB

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About Item

  1. Adjustable Speakers Stand Height from 40 to 72 inches. The rugged metal tubing provides stability on every level.

  2. Durable Metal Construction and three-layer anti-rust coating provide long-lasting and corrosion-resistant PA speaker stands.

  3. Stable and Safe Speaker Holder with non-slip feet and equal weight distribution.

  4. Universal Stands supports speaker, monitors with a 35mm hole diameter.

  5. Portable Speaker Stands with collapsible legs for easy transportation and storage.

Speaker Stand Description

Elevate your sound experience with our adjustable speaker stands, reaching heights from 40 to 72 inches. Made from durable metal with a three-layer anti-rust coating, these stands promise longevity and corrosion resistance. The stable tripod design, coupled with collapsible legs, ensures easy transportation and storage without compromising reliability. Ours speaker holder ensures stability and safety, featuring non-slip rubber feet and equal weight distribution.

Versatility is key – these universal speaker stands to accommodate speakers and monitors with a 35mm hole diameter. Transform your audio setup into a powerhouse with these stands, where durability and adaptability meet harmoniously. Perfect for musicians, DJs, event organizers, and music enthusiasts.







Securely lock speakers in place with a built-in tension knob and safety pin to prevent stand collapse.

Offers sturdy speaker placement with steel support, ideal for on-stage or in-studio use, featuring a rubber-capped tripod base.

This speaker stand holds up to 80 lbs, has a collapsable design for transport, and has a center brace for added stability.

This speaker stand has non-slip rubber feet for stability and a universal floor standing design for safety.

Adjustable Speaker Stand specification:

  • Color- White
  • Material- Metal
  • Capacity- Max 80 lbs
  • Finish Type- Glossy
  • Locking safety pin- Yes
  • Minimum height- 40 Inches
  • Maximum Height- 72 Inches
  • Speaker Stand Weight- 4.30 LBS

Package includes:

  • 1x Speaker stand

Speaker Tripod Usages

Display monitors or speaker

DJ light stand (not included)

PA speaker stands on stage

Studio tripod speaker stand

Professional or beginner applications

Benefits of 5 Core over other products

Anti-slip stable design.

Rugged and metal construction.

Collapsible legs for easy transport.

Quick and Easy Height Adjustment

Universal speaker stand with 35mm Insert.



5 Core Product

Other Product

Reinforced Steel Support



Rugged and Reliable



Safety Lock-in Pin



About Brand

5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA.

Reliable and trusted reputation, offering 600+ products since 1984.

Tested and Certified Products ensuring highest quality and reliability.

Worldwide 2.2 Million+ satisfied customers with 4.6 average ratings.


Question: What kind of speakers can be used with a speaker stand?

Answer: Most speaker stands are designed to be compatible with a wide range of speakers, including PA speakers, studio monitors.

Question: How do I choose the right height for my speaker stand?

Answer: The height of your speaker stand will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your speakers, the size of the room, and your personal listening preferences.

Question: Can I use the speaker stand for outdoor events?

Answer: Yes, the 5 Core speaker stands are designed for outdoor use as well.

Question: How much weight is it?

Answer: The stand is 3.8 lbs.

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