Classic Retro Dynamic Vocal Microphone Matte Black Blue Old Vintage Style Unidirectional Professional Cardioid Mic for Instrument Live Performance Prop & Studio Recording -RTRO MIC CH BLK-BLU

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About Item

  1. Retro Style Classic Mic it's metal construction adds elegance to your performances.

  2. Professional Vintage Microphone features a built-in pop filter that effectively minimizes popping sounds.

  3. Unidirectional Pickup pattern captures sound from the front while rejecting noise from other directions.

  4. Premium Vocal Microphone boasts frequency response of 30Hz-15kHz, -50dB sensitivity, and a 600-Ohm output impedance.

  5. Adjust the microphone angle backward and forward with the built-in adapter.

Vintage Mic Description

Get the best of both worlds with 5 Core's Classic Retro Microphone. This dynamic mic offers a vintage style and today's latest audio technology. This microphone is perfect for stage and studio use with a classic touch, dynamic moving coil elements, adjustable swivel mounts, cardioid polar patterns, and impressive frequency response rates. Get a fantastic look and feel with 5 Core's Retro Microphone.

Retro Microphone Features

Old School & Iconic

Premium Build Quality

Clear Voice

Flexible Positioning

Experience the iconic 'Old School' style with a built-in pop filter and ultra-wide frequency response for optimal sound quality.

The metal microphone features a rugged construction and a steel mesh grill for enhanced performance and durability.

Great internal cartridge shock mount, self-tensioning swivel for voice clarity. Perfect for live performance.

Adjust the microphone's angle and position with a universal mic stand adapter.

Vintage Metal Technical Specifications:

  • Mic Type: Dynamic
  • Color: Black and Blue Finish
  • Pickup Pattern: Uni-directional
  • Mic Construction Material: Metal
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz-15kHz
  • Sensitivity: -50dB
  • Output Impedance: 600 Ohm

Package information:

  • 1x Retro Mic
  • 1x Mic Adapter


Make karaoke gatherings more enjoyable.

Add a touch of elegance to podcast recording.

Use the metal retro mic for radio or TV broadcasts.

Vintage Classic mic enhances the visual and auditory appeal.

Capture vocals with a flair in studio recording sessions.

Benefits of 5 Core Vintage Microphone

Built-in pop-filter.

Superior sound quality.

Wide frequency response.

Premium robust metal build.

Classic old-school retro style.



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About Brand

5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA.
Reliable and trusted reputation, offering 600+ products since 1984.
Tested and Certified Products ensuring highest quality and reliability.
Worldwide 2.2 Million+ satisfied customers with 4.6 average ratings.


Question: Is it good for podcasting?

Answer: Yes, this classic mic can be used during podcasts.

Question: Can I use this vintage mic outdoors?

Answer: Yes, you can; however, make sure that the elements can’t damage it.

Question: Will it reduce the popping sound?

Answer: Yes, this retro mic has a built-in pop filter that helps to reduce popping sounds.

Question: Will this retro microphone work with my existing audio setup?

Answer: Yes, if the audio setup has a compatible port, it should work fine.

Question: How do you maintain the mic?

Answer: This retro style mic should be handled with care like any microphone. Keeping it clean and protecting it from physical damage is advisable for its longevity.

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