5 Core Mic Stand Height Adjustable 15.35 to 21.25" Short Desktop Stands w Telescopic Arm and Round Base Low Profile Small Mic Holder Ideal for Desk Recording and Streaming White 1Pc - MSSB W

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About Item

  1. Sturdy & Durable Mic Stand with a weighted powder-coated base features anti slip design.

  2. Angle Adjustable 18-inch arm allows for customized microphone positioning.

  3. Height Adjustable Microphone stand from 15.35" to 21.25'' inches with a reliable clutch.

  4. Versatile Short Mic Arm Stand suits guitar, piano, erhu, and other instruments.

  5. Tabletop Mic Stand with vast Compatibility comes with a 5/8 metal thread, well suited for microphones.

Mic Stand Description

Introducing our rugged and anti-slip low profile mic stand with a round base, providing unparalleled stability and reliability. This versatile desktop mic stand accommodates a wide range of musicians and performers, with a universal mic clip featuring a standard 5/8 inch threading.

The short mic stand is perfect for musicians playing guitar, piano, erhu, and other instruments. It caters to adults and children, allowing comfortable use in sitting or standing positions.

Mini Mic Stand Features

Height Adjustable

Heavy Weight Capacity

Metal Base

2 Mic Holder

Easily adjust the boom mic stand with the microphone stand's smooth and quick clutch mechanism.

The Mic Arm can support microphones and accessories weighing up to 4.4 lbs.

A round weighted metal base enhances the stability and load capacity.

The package includes 2 microphone clips for compatibility with different microphones.


Product specification:

  • Color: White
  • Material: Metal
  • Max size: 21.25 inch
  • Minimum Height: 15.35 Inches
  • Arm Length: 18 Inches(fixed)

Package Information:

  • 1x Microphone Stand Desk
  • 2x Mic Clips

Low Profile Mic Usages

Mic stand for Drummers.

Podcast mic stand.

Mini mic stand for Interviews.

Mic stand for Guitarists.

Studio microphone stand.

Benefits of 5 Core Microphone Arm Stand

Extremely strong and durable.

Adjustable height.

Universal 5/8" metal threads.

Anti-corrosion paint.

Rotatable telescoping arm

Tabletop Mic Stand Comparison


5 Core Product

Other Product

Metal Construction



Height Adjustable



Holds 2 Mics



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