5 Core Car Tweeter 3 Inch 300W RMS Combined 4 Ohms Pro Audio Super Bullet Tweeters CCAW Voice Coil Aluminum Frame Sensitivity 106 dB Titanium Diaphragm Magnet 7.8 Oz -TW BLT 150 CH PAIR

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About Item

  1. Top of The Line Super Car Tweeters handle high frequencies effortlessly. Sounds amazing as they look.

  2. 300W RMS Combined Power lets you play your favorite tracks with style & as loud as you want.

  3. Premium Aluminum Frame & Titanium Diaphragm. It's lightweight, durable, and produces a clear, bright tone.

  4. 4 Ohm Impedance 106 dB Sensitivity compensates for undersized wire & reduces distortion for clearer sound.

  5. Standard Size 3 Inch Car Audio Tweeters with dust covers for voice coil safety and best performance.

Product Description

5 Core super tweeter speaker - a fusion of style and sonic excellence. Effortlessly handling high frequencies, these car tweeters blend stunning aesthetics with sensational sound. Pump up the volume with 300W RMS combined power, infusing tracks with unparalleled style. Made from premium aluminum and titanium, they offer lightweight durability while producing a clear, bright tone.

This car bullet tweeter has a 4 Ohm impedance and 106 dB sensitivity to mitigate wire limitations, reducing distortion for pristine sound. Sized at 3” and equipped with dust covers, these tuiters para sonido para carro prioritize performance. Elevate your auditory journey and experience a new echelon of automotive sound mastery.



Enhanced Audio Clarity

Improved Soundstage

Rugged Construction

Reproduce high frequencies with exceptional accuracy, delivering clear and detailed sound reproduction.

These super tweeters focus on reproducing high frequencies, adding clarity and sparkle to music.

Experience a more expansive soundstage, creating a sense of depth and separation in the audio.

Aluminum construction ensures durability and eliminates distortion in high-vibration vehicle use.

Tweeter Specification: 

  • Color: Chrome Finish
  • Power Capacity:300W RMS Combined
  • Nominal Impedance: 4ohm
  • Sensitivity(1w/1m):106 dB
  • Frequency Range:2kHz-20kHz
  • Voice Coil Diameter:25.4mm
  • Voice Coil Material: CCAW
  • Voice Coil Former: KSV
  • Diaphragm Material: Titanium
  • Housing Material: Aluminum
  • Magnet Weight: 7.8 Oz 70X32X15
  • Capacitance: 3.3x100V

Package Information:

  • 2x Car Tweeter


Car audio setups

High-end home theater

Public address systems

Professional audio setup

High-end portable speakers

Benefits of 5 Core over other products

Heavy-duty housing

Full-range stereo sound

Powerful audio projection

High-Temperature Voice Coil

Excellent Transient Response



5 Core Product

Other Product

High Performance



Aluminum Construction



High-Temperature Voice Coil



About Brand

5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA.

Reliable and trusted reputation, offering 600+ products since 1984.

Tested and Certified Products ensuring highest quality and reliability.

Worldwide 2.2 Million+ satisfied customers with 4.6 average ratings.

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