48" W x 48" H Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels, Air Conditioner Fence, Outdoor Privacy Screens for Trash Can, Pool Equipment Enclosure

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Suitable for Various Soft Grounds: This premium vinyl fence panel comes with pointed metal ground stakes, suitable for various soft grounds such as soil, gravel, or sand. No need the tedious digging, saving both time and effort. The extended metal stakes provide exceptional support, ensuring stability and safety for prolonged use.

Dual Wind-Resistant Design: To enhance durability, we've replaced standard plastic stakes with galvanized metal ones, extending to 19.7" for deep soil anchoring. Make the vinyl privacy fence panels' more stable. Embedding the metal legs into the posts, reduces direct damage from heavy rain or storms, enhancing aesthetics and boosting durability.

Considerate Louvered Panels: To ensure optimal usability, our 48" x 48" louvered privacy screen outdoors provides ventilation and airflow when enclosing yards or safeguarding equipment and pets. Crafted from premium PVC material, it offers superior waterproofing and corrosion resistance for enduring durability. Its smooth surface repels dust and stains, ensuring effortless cleaning.

Aesthetic & Practical: Our vinyl fence is crafted from premium PVC instead of cast iron, it's more resistant to water and corrosion. The smooth surface resists dust and stains, while the simple white color complements any setting. For added practicality, metal feet have replaced plastic ones, enhancing overall robustness. The umbrella-shaped protective caps reduce water accumulation.

Easy Installation: These air conditioner fences come with all necessary accessories, including metal stakes, protective caps, louvered panels, a generous supply of screws, and positioning board. Detailed instructions ensure quick assembly, making vertical and horizontal installations effortless, even for beginners.




Elevate Your Outdoors: Protect Privacy in Style
Our louvered PVC privacy fence, with galvanized metal stakes, ensures long-lasting use outdoors. The 48"x48" size offers versatile enclosure options for outdoor gear or private areas. It comes with all necessary accessories and detailed instructions, perfect for elevating your yard's look.
We've replaced standard plastic stakes with galvanized metal ones. Extended to 19.7 inches for deep anchoring in soil, it bolsters the vinyl fence panel's stability. Embedding metal legs into the posts reduces direct damage from heavy rain or storms.
Our vinyl fence features a louvered design, providing ventilation and airflow when enclosing the courtyard or equipment and pets. The high-quality PVC material is waterproof and corrosion-proof. The smooth surface is less likely to adhere to dust or stains, making cleaning easier.
Included with accessories and detailed instructions, the vinyl privacy fence panels can be installed quickly by following the detailed steps. Metal stakes replace plastic ones, enhancing overall robustness. The umbrella-shaped protective caps can reduce water accumulation.
Install the PVC privacy screen outdoors on a stable surface to ensure a sturdy fit; Avoid high temperatures and open flames to prevent deformation or fire hazards; Regularly clean to maintain a tidy appearance; Periodically inspect the fence and promptly repair or replace if damaged or deformed.

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