5 Core 3 Pieces Adjustable Microphone Stand Chrome Round Base Tabletop DESKTOP , Foldable MS RBS CH IN 3PK

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About this item

  • ✅ 5 Core Table Top microphone stands Round Base is specially designed for heavy duty carry/ all types of microphones
  • ✅ 5 Core Mic Stand ideal for home recording, podcasts, broadcasts, and live interviews, as well as for live sound reinforcement for kick drums, pianos, and amps or the other public place
  • ✅ The microphone clip is durable and flexible plastic construction.
  • ✅ The stand is designed to hold any handheld microphone for desktop placement
  • ✅ Weighted ABS plastic base for stability and easy portability.

Product Description

Microphone Holder Microphone Stand Table Stand Microphone Microphone Table Lightweight Compact Tripod Design Stand Holder with Clamp 5 Core Mini Foldable design for easy Portability for carrying and storing.

Super stable 3 legged Metal Alloy Microphone Tripod Stand designed to give it exceptional strength and perfect balance to be compatible with any kind of microphone. Compact microphone stand designed for heavy duty carrying.

Anti-slip rubber feet to protect your desk from scratches as well as for no-slipping while pod-casting, interviewing, broadcasting, Online Chatting, Conferences or gaming. Equipped with a complimentary microphone clip which can be compatible with any microphone. Microphone clip supports 180-degree adjustment from the tripod which can be rotated to 360-degree also.

Features: Heavy-duty iron pipes Die Casted Piece for proper alignment of pipes. Solid base with rugged & durable foot pad Three-legged structure for proper balancing & quick operation Equipped with rigid clamping system A jack (provided for extra safety) which securely positions the elevated equipment


Package Includes: 3 Pieces Microphone Stand

USP: Die casted powder coated hub for royal look and better adjustment of upper pipes. Resistant to rust due to superior quality of chrome plating and powder coating Employ easy mechanism ensuring trouble free movement and positioning of microphone. 5/8 27 TPI to match all 5 Core Microphone, Keyboard stand, Guitar Stand & Music stand also available with Microphone stand.

Technical Specs: Universal Screw-On Threading: Standard 5/8'' -inch Construction Materials: Steel Alloy Tripod

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