5 Core Podcast Equipment Bundle All in One Podcast Kit w Condenser Microphone Perfect for Recording Broadcasting Live Streaming - RM 4 B

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About Recording Microphone Set

  1. Plug and play: Thanks to the USB A to B cable, no additional driver is required. The recording microphone set is suitable for various purposes, such as conference calls, remote learning, streaming, podcasting, and video calls.

  2. Cardioid pattern: The recording microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern, which captures clear and crisp audio from the front, minimizing background noise.

  3. Easy to install: Easy to set up without any complicated assembly required. Simply unfold the stand, adjust the mic position, and plugin to start Using.

  4. Versatility: The shock mount can be detached and attached to a boom stand with proper thread. This makes the mount a versatile accessory to be used with your recording setup.

  5. What You Get: Recording Microphone Set includes- 1 x Microphone, 1 x Mic Tripod, 1 x Small Shock Mount, 1 x Sponge foam, and 1 x USB A to B cable.

Recording Microphone Set Description

Introducing the ultimate Recording Microphone Set, designed to help you achieve professional quality audio recordings; the package has a high-quality USB Recording Microphone, Adjustable Mic Holder, Shock mount, High-Density Foam Cover, and With USB A to B cable.

The mic is well suited to be used as a microphone for singing and gaming. It offers superior clarity & accuracy—the mic holder & the foam cover help to reduce the background noise.

Recording Microphone Set Features

Noise Reduction



The brand

A custom noise reduction chip inside ensures that off-axis noises such as room ambiance, monitors, and other instruments noise are effectively minimised. This results in clear audio recordings during video creation.

The bundle package includes portable recording devices which make it easy to record audio on the go, whether you’re recording a podcast or a live event.

The Recording Microphone is well-suited to be used in different settings. You can use it for a podcast, live streaming, and singing.

We strive to deliver the very best quality and premium products. We are an award-winning company and only offer products designed to fulfil your needs.


Technical specification:

  • Color- Black
  • Pickup- Cardioid
  • Stand- Mini tripod stand
  • Cable- USB A to B cable
  • Foam- High-Density Foam Cover


Package Information:

  • 1 x Microphone
  • 1 x Mic Tripod
  • 1 x Small Shock Mount
  • 1 x Sponge foam
  • 1 x USB A to B cable


Enhance the recording experience during content production.

Use the mic for a microphone for singing or gaming.

Use the Recording Microphone set during virtual meetings and conference calls.

Well suited for students or teachers who need clear audio during online classes.

Perfect for live streaming and podcasts. It can be used by content creators, amateurs, and professionals.

Benefits of Recording Microphone Set

Clear and crisp audio capture.

Enhance the video call or content quality.

It can be used for various purposes and applications.

Recording Microphone Set is well suited to be used in conducting conference calls.

Recording Microphone use is easy, and no additional driver is required.


Recording Microphone Set
Versatile mic
Recording Microphone Set

Are you looking for a different Recording Microphone Set? We have got your back! Please visit our Recording Microphone page and pick one that suits your needs the best.

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